4x NiMH- and NiCd-batteries AAA/AA diagnostic charger AV4m

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Looking for quality beyond the usual? Charging up to 4x NiMH- and NiCd-batteries AAA/AA batteries at the same time the AV4m gives you total control over the charging process. It's detailed LCD-display show the precise charging status. The tailor made charging programs deliver best care and longevity.


Main Features

- Multifunctional professional-charger for AA / AAA batteries
- Constant discharge current for AA= 500mA and for AA=        180mA
- 3 different charging currents (constant current) adjustable      with slid switch

- Display of charge time and battery capacity in four different     charge bays - for easy cell matching

- Cycling - The battery will be charged/discharged till no          further increase of capacity is registered
- Forming - deep discharged cells will be repaired and faulty    detection
- Faulty battery detection, safety timer, battery temperature      control, -ΔU battery full criteria


Scope of delivery:

- V4M
- EU mains plug and cable 
- 12V Car socket plug and cable


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