Top 10 reasons why you should own a high quality balance board

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Stylish hand crafted, high quality balance board - high-end trick

1) High quality Balance boards are incredibly fun

From basic balancing to kick-flipping, on a high-end balance board everything is possible. Trying to keep the basic balance, whilst moving into a board walk, will not only entertain you, but also everyone watching. Depending on how well you do it, you will either have fun succeeding or falling. Either way – you won’t be bored.

2) It helps you stay fit

Balancing on a balance board engages pretty much all of your core muscles and legs and keeps them in shape. Even expect to nicely defined, abs, back and legs whilst having fun. Only 15 minutes a day will also get your heart pumping – not only from the thrill of doing tricks, but from using muscles you never else would.

3) They are an stylish piece of decoration

Unlike their cheap Chinese brothers, high quality balance boards just look incredibly stylish, when you place them in your room. The perfect accessories for everyone who loves any form surf, skate or boarding. Even if you are not into that – It just looks cool to have one around.

4) A balance board helps you to snap out of it

Can sit still in front of that damn computer anymore? No prob: Your balance board is always right next to you, waiting for you to use it. After a couple of minutes of tricking around your body will have had its way and allow you to focus again.

high quality balance board Stylish hand crafted, high-end balance board
5) Improving your motor skill helps with other sports

If you are to anything like boarding, skiing, skating, surfing or any other sport that requires good balance you will find that you are often not able to get as much practice as you would need to progress. The road bumps on the way to doing a cool trick are manyfold: No time, not the right weather, wrong season, no place to practice. A balance boards will help you improve even though you can’t do what you really want. Without even leaving the house.

6) Balance boards are 100% sustainable

If you get a high quality balance board, like these, then they are made from 100% renewable and sustainable wood. Carbon neutral, environmental friendly, finally something that’s fun and saves the planet.

7) Balance boards engage your friends

Do you sometimes wonder what to do with your friends, when they are around? Easy – get them on the balance board to try a trick. Better even: Get a little trick-for-trick competition going. You the tension and laughter will be insane. 

8) It’s the gift that keeps on giving

If you get a high quality balance board like these, they will last forever and 10 days. Plus balancing on it never gets old. Two years after I got my beloved board Im still on it at least a couple of times a week.

9) Impress your friends with a new skill

What’s better than seeing your friends faces? Seeing their faces impressed by what you do. Admittedly one should seek for outside approval too much, but it just feels so good seeing them wonder how one possibly could pull this off.

10) You are supporting young makers

If all the other nine reasons weren’t enough to invest around 300 € in pretty much lifelong fun, the tenth reason is a real good one. If you get on of our high quality balance boards, you will not support a heartless multi-national company or some Chinese sweatshop. You will invest in a group of young makers from Europe trying that are in the same shoes as you and now are trying to scrape off a living from their passion.

So what are you waiting for ? Secure your high-end balance board in our shop.

Not sure which board is right for you? Check out our balance board buyers guide.

Stylish hand crafted, high-end balance board sustainable fun made in Austria - Hazerl dark wood close up free shipping EU back